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Turn your sustainability data into a transparent story

Weeva's sustainability management platform helps tourism properties track, measure, and report on their sustainable operations in one central platform.

So you can finally tell the world your sustainability story, grounded in data and facts.

Digital system for managing sustainability - Weeva

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Weeva is not a certification or a badge. It’s your central tool for data collection, analytics, reporting and support across your sustainability practice.

Built for accommodation providers ready to roll up their sleeves and make real change, it supports you step-by-step whether you’re a city hotel starting at zero or a safari lodge on the front line of conservation.

By setting the foundation for your property’s sustainability practice, Weeva supports you to craft data-rich impact stories, get certified, or start building long-term business resilience into your operating systems – whatever your next step may be.

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From measuring your carbon footprint to managing community projects, we're here for you

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Rein in the chaos of spreadsheets

Put an end to clunky, corrupted spreadsheets with smooth data collection, all in one place. By assigning data capture tasks to colleagues, your property transforms sustainability from an overwhelming one-person job into ‘something we all just do’.

Weeva sustainability framework

Take a science-backed, holistic approach

Weeva’s 360º approach builds on the established 4Cs approach and is aligned with the Global Sustainability Tourism Council (GSTC). We’ve embedded analytics, reports and learning toolkits into our framework so your team can make smarter business decisions on where to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies.
Sustainability reporting template key impact summary

Get a snapshot of your impact

Transform your data into insight with our predefined reporting template designed by sustainability experts. In one click, you can generate a beautiful Key Impact Summary that matches industry best practices, key legislation standards, association requirements, and more.

The tool built to make sustainability more accessible and less intimidating.

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